Website hosting is a service provided by companies that allows you to have an address and space on the Internet to build a webpage of your own. Web hosting comes in many different forms from shared and virtual to dedicated and enterprise. Not everyone is clear exactly what hosting services are offering. Here are the basic aspects of web hosting. If you’d like to learn about our recommend website hosting company in Las Vegas, you can find them here: Website Tigers Hosting. Let us know if you need anything else.

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The most basic thing that you are paying for is space on a server that is specially configured and connected to the Internet. A server is just a specialized and powerful computer located in Las Vegas, NV or another secure data center somewhere else in the world. The amount you pay for web hosting usually provides you with a certain amount of disk space and a directory of your own on the server. The server is where you upload the hypertext markup language, or HTML, files that are your website along with images and other assets. Most web hosting services today have a content management system, or CMS, to allow you to interact with your server account through a simple graphical interface.

Special Web Hosting Features

Some web hosting services offer special or advanced features. These can include things like special server-side libraries or programs that can be used to make your site more interactive. You might be given access to a database server or a high-end programming language. Other special features could be nightly backups of your site, free domain name registration or unlimited email addresses tied to your domain name. These features vary greatly from one hosting provider to the next.

Types of Las Vegas Web Hosting

There are three basic types of web hosting widely available today. Shared hosting is least expensive and least powerful. You lease space on a server along with dozens, hundreds or thousands of other people. This is fine for small or personal websites. Virtual hosting means you have a virtualized account that has been assigned specific resources. The actions of other virtual accounts will not affect the performance of your own. Dedicate web hosting means your account sits by itself on a single server. This is the most powerful and most expensive form of web hosting. Large businesses are the most common users of dedicated hosting.